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Figure skating is a sport that puts incredible demands on the human body. Skaters are often required to hold unnatural body positions, on a less than ¼” blade and then spin around. At top speed, they throw themselves into the air, rotate and land backwards on one foot. Disciplines such as pairs, synchronized skating and theater on ice require athletes to lift their teammates over their heads while moving and rotating AND all these amazing feats happen on the ice! The sport requires an immense amount of full body strength with a strong concentration on core stability.  

Mara Smith MS ATC CSCS, former figure skater and 3 time US National Synchronized Skating Champion uses her athletic training and strength and conditioning education to offer fitness classes targeted toward skating athletes who are serious about improving their athletic performance. Class will include age & sport appropriate full body strength with a concentration on core stability, explosiveness and flexibility. Small class sizes ensure skaters perform exercises properly with correct form. Sport specific elements and injury prevention techniques will also be executed and participants will learn how specific exercises directly and indirectly improve athletic performance. We will always wrap up with guided stretching to help improve flexibility and decrease post workout muscle soreness. 

Group lessons are sold in 3 month Class Packs which become pro-rated as the season progresses.  Make-ups may be available for class pack participants as long as 24 hours notice prior to the absence is provided and there is space in another class. All classes must be made up during the month in which the class is missed.

People are saying:

"You have been so helpful to our daughter and have helped her become so strong. She’s a totally different skater now."

“No matter what, we'd love to have our son continue with Fitness by Mara! He loves the classes, and we and his coach are seeing him improve in strength and fitness.”

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